Welcome to the world of Manifiq

Manifiq is a promise of luxury and uniqueness. Our products are locally crafted in Polish sewing workshops by independent tailors. We place a strong emphasis on Polish craftsmanship and detail, which is a fundamental element of our products. The designs are often intricate, and their sewing is not the easiest task. Thanks to a fantastic team of designers and wonderful seamstresses, we are able to create unique projects that are long remembered. Our collections are produced in limited quantities - most models are made in numbers not exceeding 60 pieces. We provide our customers with something unique, something not easily found on someone else. Manifiq's offering is quite rich and diverse, but there's no denying that we love dresses!


French elegance, class, and style! The latest season delights with charm, subtlety, and sophisticated accessories. Our models, made from the highest quality fabrics, offer not only exceptional aesthetics but also comfort that you will love.

...what's more?

This season, we're bringing back our bestselling models in a new guise. Enhanced with beautiful accessories, they create a look that you'll remember for a long time.


We promise to inform you ONLY about the most important things - before others find out :) We send e-mails max. 2 times a month. What can you expect? Pre-premiere photos, new products, free shipping codes and other special promotional campaigns...