Dreams do come true... :) The power of dreams and passion led to the foundation of Manifiq&Co.

How many times have you looked for something special, feminine and comfortable at the same time? I've always had a problem with that. It was difficult to find something that would live up to my expectations. I was looking for patterns that would satisfy the most demanding tastes and accessories that would make me fell like a star. This search for the ideal made me come up with my own brand that was supposed to satisfy the tastes of women who want their wardrobes to boast something both special and beautiful, same as I do. I wanted to change wearing clothes into pure pleasure. High heels at work, sneakers after work, but the dress remains the same – this is the leitmotif that accompanies me every day when I create. 

Welcome to my world :) 



We promise to inform you ONLY about the most important things - before others find out :) We send e-mails max. 2 times a month. What can you expect? Pre-premiere photos, new products, free shipping codes and other special promotional campaigns...