Luana - knitted dress, a favorite style of Manifiq's clients

Knitted dress

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A beautiful yet simple dress, Luana will accentuate your beauty without overpowering it. It is crafted from soft knitted fabric with a delicate weave. The clean-cut top is balanced by a more voluminous bottom that gently sways with every move. The black velvet belt adds that extra touch, beautifully emphasizing the waist and slimming the silhouette. The dress also boasts hidden features: an elastic band at the waist for easy fitting and side pockets for your everyday essentials.

We designed this dress with family gatherings and holidays in mind, but with the right footwear, it can also create an elegant work outfit.

The dress was made in a workshop in Sochaczew.

Fabric composition:

Rayon 68%, Nylon 20%, Polyamide 8%, Spandex 4%

Product care:

The product can be machine washed.

Proper care can ensure that our clothes serve you for years.

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